Martial Arts Business Marketing to Attract Adult Students

I’ve spoken to a lot of school owners recently about the whole “Adult Marketing” thing.

Some of these ladies and gentlemen have as much as an 80% adult population in their schools.

Some have mainly kids and a small number of adults.

Both have one thing in common…

The want more adult students.

And not just for their “Fitness Kickboxing” programs.

Some of these schools have pretty full fitness type classes. But these are usually NOT martial arts or MMA classes. In most cases the member pays a lot less than the tuition in the “Real Martial Arts program.”

Often the question from these school owners is…

“How do I ramp up my adult martial arts program?”

My response is based on one key principle regardless of whether their school is doing MMA, BJJ or “traditional martial arts.”

“It comes down to the MESSAGE!”

Does the message you’re getting out there for your adult program position your school against the competition of the health club?

Does it talk about the personal nature and guidance you give your students?

Does it assure them they’ll be safe? Most professional good quality adult prospects can’t walk in to work with a black eye the next day!

Does it warn them against all the UN-professional hacks out there who just want their money?

Does it let them know you have classes for beginners? (Don’t assume they know they’ll be in a beginner class!)

Are you making the mistake of trying to market to teens and adults at the same time? Big Mistake!!

This is the tip of the iceberg on what you need to think about if you want to ramp up your adult programs.

Have fun because as you know classes full of intense committed adult martial arts students can be a joy to teach.